Truly Anonymous Surveys.

Introducing ANONIZE.

Traditional Web Surveys Are Not Anonymous

Traditional survey systems on the web claim that your response is anonymous, but in reality, they keep a database that maintains an explicit link between you and your response. They need this to make sure you only respond ONCE. You must trust them to maintain your anonymity, you must trust that they never get hacked. As demonstrated by recent attacks (e.g., Sony), this is a DANGEROUS principle.

The ANONIZE System Enables True Anonymity

The ANONIZE system is based on a new cryptographic technique that ensures only survey targets can respond, and only once, while unconditionally guaranteeing anonymity: even if our servers are fully compromised, and all data is leaked, a link between users and their responses cannot be found. Anyone can create a survey by specifying a set of target user emails. The survey is posted on a public webpage but only targetted users can submit a response.

Status of ANONIZE

The anonize system is no longer running as a service.

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